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YAPP – Yet Another Prefab Painter – Free Download

by waqas


YAPP: Your Accomplished Painter

YAPP stands as a distinguished painting tool, enabling the swift and effortless deployment of a wide array of pre-constructed objects within your virtual environment. Explore our resource videos to uncover the myriad applications of these objects.

Key Features

YAPP boasts a multitude of features, with the primary ones being:

  • Container-Based Design: YAPP operates on a container-based system, ensuring efficient management of resources.
  • Multiple Paint Modes: It offers two paint modes – Brush and Splines for versatile application.
  • Prefab Instantiation: This feature allows for the quick creation of any prefab, be it rocks, plants, trees, houses, humans, animals, and more.
  • Custom Templates: Tailor your templates to suit your specific needs.
  • Batch Operations: Perform operations in bulk for increased efficiency.
  • Interactive Operations: Features like Anti Gravity, Magnet, and Scale changes (e.g., adjusting forest tree height while painting over the trees) add an interactive element to your design process.
  • Physics Integration: Watch our videos to see how physics can bring your creations to life!
  • Terrain Trees Integration: Seamlessly integrate terrain trees into your designs.

Development and Evolution

The development of YAPP is rooted in practical use cases and tools that simplify your workflow while crafting scenes for your games. Initially launched as a free GitHub project, YAPP quickly gained popularity within the community. As more requirements and requests emerged over time, YAPP evolved beyond its original scope.

To cater to a broader user base, YAPP has been made available on the Unity Asset Store. However, maintaining and updating an asset requires significant time and effort. Consequently, YAPP transitioned from a free to a paid asset.



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