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VR Hands and FP Arms Pack

by waqas

Shaders need shader model 3.0+, hands also looks pretty at standard and mobile shaders.


PBR Arms and Hands for female and male characters in standalone and mobile versions.. Assets use our custom and fast standard skin shader which supported features like: Translucency, Tint, Rim light, Ramp. With smart sliders you are able to control every aspect of the shader. Skin shader could be also used for other parts of character as basic skin shader. Models are animated and they contains pack of basic animations like: catching, throwing, fist fighting, idle, 3 spells, sword/knife fighting, pistol shooting.


This pack contains:

  • Female and male arms for first person games in standalone and mobile versions.
  • Female and male hands for VR games in standalone and mobile versions.
  • All textures in 3 variants
  • Blood and Dirt support
  • Controllers for left and right hand/arms
  • 16 Animations for Arms
  • 21 Animations for Hands
  • Standard PBR skin shader
  • Test models: pistol and sword
  • Example and test system to control your hands and arms
  • Example and test VR and FP characters
  • Mecanim controllers for each hand
  • 35 Arms and hands textures (4096×4096)
  • 3 Ramp textures (256×16)



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