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Urban Traffic System Full Pack

by waqas


Wooow!!! I’m glad to present you a new improved version of the Asset! Now we have added even more models of people! Previously, there were 11 varieties, but now 121 models….
And now about the project:
Asset comprises 31 lowpoly models of different transport, everyone has one LOD
and 121 models of people, necessary for the creation of urban traffic. Such as:
1. Mountainbike
2. Moped
3. GyroScooters
4. Vans
5. Motorcycle
6. Cars
7. Trucks
8. Semi
9. Buses

Each human model has approximately 4900 polygons.
Models of people have clothes for any season: Winter, spring, summer, autumn.
This asset supports mobile platforms, but provided that there is a small number of cars and pedestrians in the scene. Otherwise, weak phones simply can not withstand as many polygons.
Since, all the low-poly model, but have a high quality textures. Moreover, all cars have the LOD.
Each model has a standard set of textures:
1. Diffuse
2. Specular
3. Glossiness
4. Normal

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yawer August 24, 2023 - 5:51 am

Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

Great job brother, but one thing is missing! 🙂


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