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Unreal Engine – Blueprint Scripting 101

by waqas

Unreal Engine – Blueprint Scripting 101

Craft amazing gameplay experiences by mastering Blueprint Scripting in the Unreal Engine

What you’ll learn

Unreal Engine – Blueprint Scripting 101

  • How to set up a project in Unreal
  • How to create various Blueprint Types
  • How to navigate the Blueprint Editor
  • How to utilize the Event Graph inside of a Blueprint
  • How to utilize the Construction Script inside of a Blueprint
  • How to create/add/use Variables in scripts
  • How to create Object References in scripts
  • How to create/add/use Events in scripts
  • How to create/add/use Functions in scripts
  • How to create/add/use Macros in scripts
  • How to add/use Flow Control nodes
  • How to Communicate between Blueprints
  • How to create / setup “Framework” Blueprints
  • How to create Child Blueprints using Inheritance
  • How to Compile Blueprints
  • How to Debug Blueprints
  • How to utilize hotkeys and other productivity tips & tricks inside of Blueprints


  • No programming or previous Unreal Engine experience is necessary!


In this game development course, you’ll learn all about Unreal Engine’s Blueprint Scripting system. This embedded set of tools inside the editor allows ANYONE to create functional gameplay using a visual, node-based approach.  This course will cover all the essential concepts, skills, and language to get you started creating your amazing gaming projects.

This course contains 110 fun-to-follow video lessons.  Topics covered include how to…

  • Setup a Project inside the Unreal Engine
  • Navigate the Blueprint Editor
  • Use the Event Graph to add functionality to a Blueprint
  • Use the Construction Script to make Procedural Content
  • Create/add/use Object References
  • Create/add/use Events
  • Create/add/use Variables
    • Ways to Get & Set
    • Create Single, Array, Set, or Map Variables
  • Create/add/use Functions
    • Create Custom Functions
    • Create a Function Library
  • Create/add/use Macros
    • Create Custom Macros
    • Create a Macro Library
  • Add/use Flow Control nodes
  • Identify Blueprint Types
    • Class Blueprints
    • Level Blueprints
  • Use different Blueprint Communication methods
    • Casting
    • Direct Communication
    • Event Dispatchers
    • Blueprint Interfaces
  • Identify and set up the different “Framework” Blueprints in your Project Settings
    • Game Mode
    • Pawn
    • Player Controller
    • Game Instance
  • Use Inheritance to Create Child Class Blueprints
  • Compile Blueprints
  • Debug Blueprints
  • Utilize Blueprint Productivity Hacks

With the knowledge gained in these video lessons, you will have the necessary skills to start creating your custom scripts for your gaming projects!

Please do not hesitate to share your creations with me!  I love to show off student projects in promotional emails.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners looking to get started creating gameplay using Unreal
  • Intermediates or Professionals looking for a repository of Blueprint Scripting know-how

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