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Tower Escape Game In UNITY ENGINE With Source Code

by waqas


Project: Tower Escape Game in Unity Engine with source code

– To download Tower Escape Game project for free (scroll down)

About Project

Tower Escape Game project is developed using Unity Game Engine. The language used for the development of this project is “C#”. The project file contains Assets such as C# scripts, prefabs, images, sounds, and many more. Tower Escape is an endless 2D game specially designed for PCs and Android phones. The gameplay Graphics is good enough and the controls are pretty simple for the users.

About Gameplay

Talking about the gameplay, the main objective of this game is to jump up the tower to gain score points. The gameplay is simple, this is an endless jumping game and all you have to do is jump to the bricks and gain points. The more you step toward bricks jumping more will be the score points. There are some points in which the bricks start to fall down after certain time i.e within some seconds. This means the player has to jump fast upwards to the bricks continuously. Whenever a player fails to jump and falls down the game is over, displaying total scores. The player is controlled using Arrow keys (for PC users). Talking about the gaming environment, different images are placed which provides an exact image of a tower. In this 2D gaming application, Graphics Elements and Audio Fragments of works were used.


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