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TopDown Engine – Free Download

by waqas


TopDown Engine for Unity

🎮 Complete Top Down Solution

The TopDown Engine is the most complete top down solution for Unity. Whether you’re new to Unity, or an experienced developer, this is the best top down action framework out there.

🐶 From the Creator of the Corgi Engine

This engine is from the creator of the acclaimed Corgi Engine. It’s built with clean code, good practices, optimizations, and strong foundations for the creation of both 2D and 3D top down games.

🕹️ Features

  • A tight character controller for your player, complete with collision detection, slope handling, movement, jumps, weapons, damage types, grid based movement, auto aim, stun, combo weapons, charge weapons, surface sounds, dash, running, crawling, and more.
  • Game feel at its core: the asset comes with MoreMountains’ MMFeedbacks system built-in.
  • Packed with content: demo levels and tons of ready for production prefabs.
  • Includes the Inventory Engine: complete inventory management solution.
  • Advanced AI system: create complex enemy behaviors using only the inspector.
  • A strong camera controller built on top of Unity’s Cinemachine.
  • Everything you need to create your levels: moving platforms, an advanced room system, persistence, smart input management, progress management, collectibles, a loot system, destructible crates, keys and chest/doors.
  • Multiplayer ready: the asset comes with 3 local multiplayer demos.
  • More Mountains: as gifts to the community, the engine comes with Nice Touch and MMFeedbacks.
  • Hundreds of visual assets ready to use in your 2D or 3D topdown game!
  • Mobile controls that work everywhere
  • Procedural ready: the Engine lets you create levels any way you want.

📚 Documentation

The whole codebase is heavily documented. Creating your own adventure game has never been this fun!


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