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The Vegetation Engine Mobile Shaders Module v12.3.0 (Latest Version)

by waqas

The Vegetation Engine is a collection of advanced shaders and tools designed to bring consistency to different third-party vegetation in a game. It allows for features like realistic wind movement, seasonal changes, humidity effects, subsurface rendering, and more. This works seamlessly with various rendering pipelines, including standard, universal, and HD.

Now, the power of the Vegetation Engine is available for mobile and VR platforms. You can easily create dynamic seasons, snow, humidity effects, wind movement, and high-quality interactions with a shader optimized for performance. You can switch between different shaders with just one click, offering flexibility in your game development.

Key Features:

1. **Supported Systems:**

– Motion, seasons, and overlay systems are supported.

2. **Supported Elements:**

– Colors, overlay, motion interaction, motion direction, motion flow, and power are supported.

3. **Basic Transmission Approximation:**

– Provides a basic approximation for light transmission through vegetation.

4. **Baked Detail Blending:**

– Supports detailed blending for bark and props.

5. **Top Projection Detail Blending:**

– Supports object shaders for top projection detail blending.

6. **Distance-Size Fade:**

– Supports fading based on distance and size.

7. **Amplify Shader Editor Support:**

– Compatible with the Amplify Shader Editor for more advanced customization.

8. **Demo Scene Included:**

– Comes with a basic demo scene for easy testing.


1. Requires Shader Model 4.5+ capable devices (Desktop / High-End Mobile).

2. Scalable Ambient Obscurance is not supported in Forward Rendering.

3. Beta and Alpha Unity versions are not officially supported.

4. High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) is not supported.

Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.

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