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Tanks Multiplayer (Netcode, Photon)

by waqas


Tanks Multiplayer is an action packed multiplayer template running on Unity Netcode or Photon PUN2. Your choice! Play in teams with up to 12 players per room and compete for the highest score. Numerous common network approaches are explained in the extensive documentation.


⭐ Web Player ⭐


Questions/Support: Unity Forum Thread

Documentation/API Reference: GitLab Page

Addon: GitHub Access


✅ Team Deathmatch & Capture The Flag

✅ Online Matchmaking & Host Migration

✅ LAN mode & local Network Discovery

✅ Offline mode vs AI bots

✅ Auto Team Balance across up to 4 Teams

✅ Synchronized Player Model Selection

✅ Synchronized Player Movement & Shots

✅ Synchronized Player Death & Respawn

✅ Killcam following the killer tank on death

✅ Various collectible Powerups & Bullets

✅ Networked Object Pooling integration

✅ Unity Services: IAP, Ads

✅ Step by Step Networking Documentation

✅ Mobile & Desktop Input support


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