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Survival Character Free Download

by waqas

Survival Character Vol 02

AAA survival character for third- and first-person shooter games!!! Take your game to the next level, high quality textures, PBS ready with Marmoset Skyshop and Unity 5. Also 3 levels of detail, Mecanim Ready and more to create the most great experience!!!

3D Viewer Link:


Improve skin deformation, specially in shoulders.

Key features:

.- FBX Meshes with 3 LOD
– LOD0 = 21.579 Tris
– LOD1 = 15.206 Tris
– LOD2 = 10.599 Tris

.- PBS 4K, 2K, 1K textures and 2 different skins (original & camo)
– Albedo
– Normal map
– Specular
– Gloss
– Ambient occlusion
– Color
– (RGB) specular + (A)gloss
– (RGB) gloss + (A)specular

.- Mecanim READY!!! Fully rigged characters with eyes, jaw bones, teeth and tongue for lip-sync.

.- Maya files for each LOD for easy modification or animation, human IK custom rigging!!]]


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