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SUNTAIL – Stylized Fantasy Village – Free Download

by waqas


SUNTAIL – Stylized Fantasy Village: Your Ultimate Fantasy Village Creation Kit


The SUNTAIL – Stylized Fantasy Village is a comprehensive package that provides everything you need to create a medieval fantasy village. With 235 prefabs and 84 sounds, this kit is fully customizable and flexible, making it the perfect tool for your creativity.

Custom Shaders

Custom shaders allow you to modify your content to fit your project’s needs. Change the colors and textures of houses, add secondary colors for trees and grass, and more.

Sound Scripts

Suntail includes scripts for demonstrating sounds. These include a character controller with a system that reproduces the sound of steps on different surfaces, a script that allows you to drag objects with the sound of falling, a sound zone control system that mutes outdoor sounds inside houses, and a script for opening doors with sound.


All models come with LODs and a smooth transition effect between them.

Content List

The package includes:

  • 70 building modules for creating your own houses
  • 8 house prefabs
  • 8 combined mesh houses
  • 82 environment models (carts, fences, chests, furniture, etc.)
  • 38 interactable props (dishes, tools, bottles, food, etc.)
  • 13 nature models (trees, flowers, grass, bushes, stones)
  • 4 background mountains
  • 6 terrain textures
  • 4 particle systems (candle fire, god rays, smoke, fire)
  • 3 customizable shaders (foliage, surface, water)
  • 45 drop sounds for all interactable props
  • 20 footstep sounds for dirt, grass, stone and wood surfaces
  • 8 forest environment sounds (wind, birds)
  • 4 water ambient sounds
  • 4 door open and close sounds
  • 2 bonfire sounds
  • 1 ambient soundtrack

The package also includes two demo scenes: a village and a scene with all prefabs.

Technical Details

All textures are in PNG format while all sounds are in WAV format (48000 Hz). All models have LOD’s with 2-3 levels. Shaders are created using Amplify Shader Editor. Textures resolution varies from 256×1024 to 2048×2048. The number of triangles varies from model to model.


These files are intended for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Unauthorized commercial use without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.



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