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Slate Cinematic Sequencer

by waqas


SLATE is the most efficient, easy and intuitive sequencer for creating cinematic or gameplay cutscenes in Unity, full of unique features and an artist friendly UI/UX for achieving the best workflow and results possible within a lesser amount of time.

SLATE will help you achieve your creative vision without the hassle, in a familiar linear track-oriented realtime editor inspired by software like Adobe After Effects and Premiere right inside Unity.

Feature Highlights
• Take control in a sleek sequencer editor with all expected pro features.
• Unparalleled realtime scrubbing and preview with deterministic sampling.
• Direct and create moving camera shots without the hassle.
• Automatic smooth blend in and out of the gameplay camera.
• Compose shots without keyframes utilizing the Dynamic Shot Controller.
• Play, layer and cross-blend animation clips.
(with support for root motion, avatar masks, and animated IK controls.)
(no need to create an animator controller. Legacy clips are also supported.)
• Animate clip parameters within the clips and achieve much more with far less.
• Animate any property on the actor or within its whole transform hierarchy.
• Vizualize and edit animations with 3D Motion Paths directly in the scene view.
• Playback audio clips and video clips with full editor preview.
• Organize cutscenes with Time Sections and sub-Cutscenes.
• Utilize Virtual Actor References for working with prefab actors with ease.
• Reuse cutscenes at any world position with animation in Cutscene Space.
• Lots of premade clips included for animating lighting, time, fog, particles, 2D sprites, material properties, facial expressions, head look-at, IK, subtitles, image overlays, even pathfinding and more with full scrubbing and realtime editor preview.
• Animate anything within a familiar curve editor and an intuitive dopesheet.
• Play cutscenes in all ways possible. Once, Loop, Ping Pong, forwards, backwards, a specific section, or any combination within these words.
• Render to PNG, EXR, or MP4 along with render elements.
(Free Extension. This feature only works with the Standard Rendering Pipeline).
• Extend and create custom tracks and clips with ease using a clean API.
• Publish to all platforms.
• Source Code included.
• VR workflow supported.
• And much more…

Currently Available Integrations:
• Dialogue System for Unity.
• FlowCanvas.
• Master Audio.
• Midi Player Tool Kit.
• NodeCanvas.
• Playmaker.
• LipSync. (With Realtime Preview)
• PuppetFace. (With Realtime Preview)
• FinalIK. (With Realtime Preview)
• Spine. (With Realtime Preview)
• CaronteFX. (With Realtime Preview)
• Alembic Importer. (With Realtime Preview)
• Post Processing Stack v2. (Animate and blend Depth of Field)
• Unity HDRP. (Animate and blend Depth of Field)
• Unity URP. (Animate and blend Depth of Field)

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