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Rewired (advanced input) – Free Download

by waqas


Overview 🎮

Rewired: Redefining Input Control for Games 🚀

Rewired is an innovative input system that revolutionizes the way you interact with input devices, offering unprecedented control over a crucial aspect of your game development.

Key Highlights 🌟

Discover the Power of Rewired 🕹️

Versatile Input Handling 🎯

  • Choose between polling or input events for seamless integration. 🔄
  • Harness Custom Controllers to use diverse sources to drive controller element values, including on-screen touch controllers and more. 📱

Extensive Compatibility 💡

  • Supports over 128 buttons and 32 axes per controller on Windows, OSX, and Linux. 💻🖱️
  • Embrace special controller features like gamepad vibration and DualShock 4 touchpad, lights, and gyro. 🎮🌈

Flexible Configuration ⚙️

  • Assign multiple controllers per player to cater to various gaming preferences. 👥
  • Facilitate controller sharing, such as keyboard usage, with separate maps for each player. ⌨️👥

Mode-Specific Control 🎮🔄

  • Enable and disable maps by category to seamlessly switch between game modes with distinct control schemes. 🕹️📚

User-Friendly Remapping 🔄🔧

  • Create user controller remapping screens with named controller elements. 🎮🔧
  • Select a named controller from a list and more, streamlining the customization process. 📝🎮

Conflict Resolution 🚫⚖️

  • Utilize controller element assignment conflict checking functions to ensure smooth gameplay. ⚔️🎮

Controller Templates 📋🎮

  • Simplify the definition of maps for similar controllers with Controller Templates, saving time and effort. 🕒💼

Unified Input Behaviors 🔄🤝

  • Create actions that share similar properties without redundancy, thanks to Input Behaviors. 🎮🤝

Advanced Input Features 🆒🎮

  • Enjoy double-press/click support with customizable timing. 🎮⏰
  • Employ keyboard modifier support with the ability to use up to three simultaneous modifier keys. ⌨️🔑

Precise Calibration 📏🎮

  • Fine-tune axes with calibration options, including min, max, zero, and deadzone adjustments. 📐🎮

Memory Efficiency 🚀🧼

  • Experience optimal performance with ZERO bytes of memory allocated per-frame during gameplay, eliminating garbage collection overhead. 🚫🗑️

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