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Retro Mech Simulator Free Download

by waqas

A starter kit that gives you nearly everything you need to start building your own single-player first-person mech simulator game.

This starter kit gives you nearly everything you need to start building your own single-player first-person mech simulator game.


+ Numerous scripts for standard mech components, such as hull, reactor, engine, weapons, radar, targeting system, and optionally shields.

+ 2 fully-functional example mechs complete with first-person cockpits with interactive displays. Pilot your mech, target enemies, fire weapons, toggle radar scale, balance shields forward and backward, arrange weapons into firing groups, toggle first-person and third-person camera, and more.

+ Procedural IK-driven leg animations for realistic foot placement over uneven terrain.

+ 3 skin choices for the example mechs.

+ Support for HUD color themes, with three example themes.

+ 12 fully-functional example weapons with models and textures (4 autocannons, 4 lasers, 3 missile launchers, 1 railgun).

+ AI framework with fully functional built-in support for navigation, combat, and other basics.

+ 4 example buildings (each with alternate “destroyed” version).

+ 3 example missions.

+ Example loadout screen for arming a mech.

+ 218 sound effects, some of which are actually good!

+ 7 desert terrain textures, 4 tundra textures, 1 snow texture.

+ Animated sprites for explosions, sparks, shield impacts, and more.

+ Damage system which breaks weapon damage down into separate shield, armor, and internal damage categories.

+ Extensive documentation, including a PDF manual with over 35 pages.

+ Various editor tools and extensions to make developing easier.

+ Professionally coded, highly extensible and modular codebase that can be tailored to meet the needs of your game.

+ Hundreds of included scripts will save your team hundreds of hours of development time.

Your game does not have to be built in a retro style; that’s just the visual style I chose for the example artwork.

This kit does everything possible to simplify the task of building your game, but it is a large and complex kit best suited to small teams with intermediate to advanced skills in Unity.

This kit is designed specifically for making single-player games. To be clear, this kit will never have built-in multiplayer support.

The kit uses the built-in render pipeline, forward rendering, with linear color space. It utilizes the Unity Post-Processing Stack V2 for some visual effects and a couple of custom sprite shaders, but otherwise has no special graphical needs. It should be easy to adapt the kit for URP or HDRP; however, I do not officially support those render pipelines at this time.

The kit was designed with PC in mind but should work just as well on other platforms.


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