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Real Car 16 – Free Download

by waqas



Introducing the Real Car 16 package, a comprehensive resource for game developers. This package features a beautiful Off-Road car model with a fully textured, high-quality interior and an open-able bonnet. It’s ready to use in your game and is perfect for various game genres like third-person games, first-person games, car destruction games, or any other car games.

Exceptional Off-Road Car Model

Our package offers a stunning Off-Road car model that is meticulously designed and ready for integration into your game. This model is visually appealing and optimized for a smooth and efficient development process.

Immersive Quality and Detail

The fully textured, high-quality interior adds depth and realism to your game. The open-able bonnet feature enhances the player’s sense of interaction and engagement, making your game stand out from the rest.

Versatility Across Game Genres

This Off-Road car model is perfect for a wide range of game types. Whether you’re developing a third-person game, a first-person adventure, a car destruction game, or any other car-centric gaming experience, this model will seamlessly fit into your project and enhance the gameplay experience.

LOD Details

The package includes four levels of detail (LODs) for the car model:

  • LOD0: 44,074 tris
  • LOD1: 26,800 tris
  • LOD2: 11,138 tris
  • LOD3: 111 tris

The materials use the PBR Unity Standard shader. Albedo, metallic, smoothness, normal and occlusion textures are included. The car uses only one single Atlas PBR Texture and one material. An emissive texture for lights is also included.

Additional Features

The package includes a fully textured good quality interior and exterior. It also features separated components like four wheels, steering wheel (ready to animate), front bumper, bonnet, suspensions and can for easy customization.


Please note that these files are intended for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.



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