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Racing Game Garage – Free Download

by waqas


🚗 Garage Asset Package Overview 📦

This package includes a variety of models and materials to help you create a detailed garage scene:

  • Garage Model: The main feature of this package is the garage model.
  • Props Objects Prefabs: There are 9 props objects prefabs included to add detail to your scene.
  • Textures: The package includes 1 diffuse texture (1024×1024) with 6 variants to change the look of the garage, and 1 decal texture (1024×1024) for adding dust, dirt, etc.
  • Materials: There are 3 materials included in the package.
  • Demo Scene: A demo scene with lightmap (Unity 5.5) is included to help you get started.
  • UV Mapping: All objects have two UVs for better texture mapping.
  • Mobile Ready: The package is optimized and ready for mobile deployment.


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