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PRISM – Realistic Post-Processing for Unity

by waqas



Featuring over 15 high-performance, stacked effects, and fully integrated with the Unity Post-Processing stack, PRISM has set the bar for what a post-processing system should look like in Unity since 2015.

Ultra HD Colour Correction

An all new colour pipeline based off CIELAB colour space brings PRISM in line with the world’s best colour correction tools, designed using photographic principles.

Chromatic Aberration & Barrel Distortion

Physically correct CA & Barrel distortion – built to closely mimic vintage camera lenses

Neural Network AO (NNAO)

Created based off cutting-edge ambient occlusion solutions, PRISM.NNAO delivers near ground-truth AO at a low performance cost.

Cinematic Depth of Field With Bokeh

Reimagined DoF with variable bokeh shapes, PRISM.Bokeh is all you need to deliver a AAA-quality cutscene across all devices

Much more With a number of other effects including Bloom, lens dust, tonemapping, LUTs, godrays, noise & sharpen – if you’ve been waiting for a time to level up your game’s post-processing – don’t wait any longer.

Here’s what some end users of games made with PRISM had to say:

  • “Frankly, this is one of the most gorgeous game environments I’ve seen in many years of gaming”
  • “Detailed environments and mostly subtle graphical effects create the best looking game of its type”
  • “The game is visually really great looking”
  • “The visuals were great, coupled with utterly flawless performance”
  • “The graphics are beautiful”
  • “The sound and graphics are epic within the context of what it is”
  • “Looks like the Frostbite engine combined with Arma”

Visit the PRISM Forum thread here and check out the PRISM Guide for more.

URP Users should use CUPP as PRISMv3 supports Builtin or HDRP (limited effects) only.

All mobile, desktop, and console platforms are supported and receive custom support for any issues in production.


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