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Police Changing Room – Free Download

by waqas



This is a detailed description of the interior of a changing room specifically designed for a police station.

Interior Details

The changing room is equipped with essential furniture such as benches and lockers. It also includes various objects that one would typically find in a real changing room. These objects range from everyday items like towels and boots to specialized police equipment such as guns, radios, batons, handcuffs, helmets, and police caps.

Additional Features

In addition to the main items, the changing room also features other models like dustbins, bags, and informative papers. All these models are designed with low-poly graphics to ensure they can be easily used in games and applications.

About 3D Everything

At 3D Everything, we specialize in creating 3D models and scenes for game developers and application creators. Our low-poly models are designed to be easily integrated into any project.


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