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Pinball Creator Free Download

by waqas
Pinball Creator Free Download

Pinball Creator is a complete system to create Pinballs (scripts and models).

The asset is based on drag and drop. No code is needed to create Pinballs. It’s fully customizable.

°°° UPDATE 2.0 °°°
New : All scripts are now in C#
New : Module to create missions easily
°°° UPDATE 1.7 °°°
New : Main menu system (Choose between several tables)
New : Local leaderboard
Mesh Combiner V2
°°° UPDATE 1.6 °°°
Improve compatibilty to Unity 5.6
New 2D orthographic camera
Features that you can find on asset :

Main tables mechanics :
Ball, blocker,bumper, flipper, gate, hole, gobble hole, led, plunger, rollover, slingshot, spinner, switch, targets, ramp and pipe.

Complete pinball game system :
Start, win, lose, pause, score, tilt, best score, multi-ball, multiplier, ball saver, extra ball, timer, kickback, skillshot.

Missions : 100+ missions ready to use
+ Module to create easily custom missions.

Easily customise your Pinball illustrations (playfield, cabinet, led, table mechanics …)

LCD Screen : Play animation, display score, ball, timer.

Camera system : 4 game views + 1 plunger view + 1 demo playfield view.

Led animation system : Create your own led animation.

UI Menu : Play, pause, change camera, return to main menu.

Toy animation system

Sound fx and music included : 90+ sound fx + one music

Demo pinball include Complete documentation

°°° WHAT’S NEW on Version 1.5 °°°

Optimize mobile models
Mesh combiner script to optimize framerate
Mobile touch UI
Close up camera + optimize camera system
Lightmap ready
Optimize materials
Mobile lighting presets
And more…

Pocket Ninja – Free Download

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