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Pegasus v 1.5.0

by waqas

Welcome to Pegasus, the path based driver / animation controller system for Unity 3D.

From a cut-scene camera to mobs of characters and monstors Pegasus makes it easy to drive anything along a path!

In fact, with the new character controller system, you can drive a squad of soldiers through your scene as easily as a flock of birds, herd of deer or a group of tanks (check out the second video). Set dressing in minutes!

While simplicity and ease of use has been a key driver in the development of Pegasus, this has not come at the cost of power.

Pegasus allows you to:

  • Create flythroughs and cutscenes;
  • Control cameras, animals, vehicles, humans, npcs, anything!
  • Animate characters as they follow paths, with formation support;
  • Local avoidance system enable characters to traverse your scene without navmeshes;
  • Control the speed of each segment;
  • Control the target you are looking at;
  • Control the height of the flythrough;
  • Control playback from Unity Timeline;
  • Avoid ground terrain or mesh collisions;
  • Visualize your flythrough in edit mode;
  • Control duration to match your scene;
  • Looped or Non Looped flythroughs;
  • Extensible trigger system to add custom behaviors;
  • High performance allocation free;
  • Run time scriptable.

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