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Obi Fluid – Free Download

by waqas



Obi is a smart physics engine that can mimic how squishy things act. It uses special tools and math to do its job.

Key Features:

1. Make custom shapes for things that squirt stuff out.

2. Make things that don’t bend interact with squishy stuff.

3. It’s like building with blocks; you can change how it works easily.

4. You can make it work better by adjusting a number.

5. Each squishy bit can have special properties, like stickiness or spinning.

6. You can change how detailed things look with just one thing.

7. Different squishy things can play together.

8. It’s good at making very different things work together.

9. It plays nice with different shapes like boxes, balls, and more.

10. Things you can’t see won’t do anything, so it saves computer power.


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