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Motion Shooter 3d Kit

by waqas


MOTION SHOOTER 3D KIT is a 3D action shooter kit with the slow motion effect Compatible with Character Controllers


3D shooter game with the slow motion effect
Admob ads (Banner, Interstitial ad)
The Player can Run, Slide, Jump and Look to Left/Right side to shoot the targets
Easy edit the level
Enemies with many actions (stand, crouch, prone, move left/right, switch the state)
Hostage, explosion barrel,…
Easy replace the character with other Humanoid characters
Level system with scrolling level items
Mecanim Animator system
Camera Cinemachine
Player ability:

Look to Left/Right side
Jump and look to Left/Right side
Slide down and look to Left/Right side
Shoot with gun
Enemy ability:

Stand/ Crouch/ Prone at start state
Move to Left/Right/Change state when player come near to (OPTIONAL)
Shoot the player

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