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Modular Roads Mobile – Free Download

by waqas



The Modular Roads Mobile pack is designed to facilitate the creation of complex urban roads in your mobile or VR/AR game.

Features of the Pack

Complete Set of City Roads

The pack includes a complete set of city roads such as:

  • Two-lane road with parking spaces
  • Four-lane road with parking spaces
  • X and T intersections
  • 22.5, 45, and 90-degree curves
  • Various types of sidewalks

It also provides an effective display of traffic signs with opaque geometry.

Optimized Modules

The pack contains 96 modules with optimized topology for efficient rendering and performance.

Single Material

All networks are drawn in a random call using static clustering, which helps in optimizing the rendering process.


The pack includes mesh colliders and custom boxes for accurate collision detection.

PBR 2K Texture

The pack comes with PBR 2K textures including Albedo, Normal, and Specular Shine.

Mobile Mirror Shader

A Mobile Mirror Shader is included for both standard and SRP pipelines, enhancing the visual appeal of your game.


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