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Modern Building Pack1

by waqas
Modern Building pack 1 is a complete package with 3 different buildings.
The buildings can be used in your 3D games or in the background 3D environment. They look nice in top-down games as well.
The package contains:

– Modern Building_01 — Poly:1201, Tris:2552, Verts:1298
– Map size 2048×2048 – diffuse,specular
– Modern Building_01 — Poly:232, Tris:492, Verts:292
– Map size 2048×2048, window map 512×1024 – diffuse,specular
– Modern Building_03 — Poly:2865, Tris:6955, Verts:4148
– window map 512×1024 – diffuse,specular


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