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Mobile Controls – RTS Engine Module – free download

by waqas


Mobile Touch Controls

This feature provides touch controls for mobile devices, allowing for intuitive and seamless interaction.

Main Camera Touch Controls

The touch controls support the following gestures for the main camera:

  • Panning: One finger touch, drag, and drop to pan the camera.
  • Zoom: Two finger touches that move closer or further away from each other trigger a zoom in or out.
  • Rotation: Two finger touches that move in a circular motion to trigger a positive or negative rotation.

Local Player Faction Building Placement

The touch controls also support building placement for the local player faction. This includes:

  • Touch support for dragging and dropping building placement instances.
  • Special UI elements that allow for placement rotation, completion, and cancellation.
  • Support for advanced building placement techniques such as segmentation, wall placement, and grid placement.

Experience smooth and responsive gameplay on your mobile device with these touch controls.


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