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Mega Scatter – Free Download

by waqas


MegaScatter Overview

MegaScatter is a procedural object placer that revolutionizes the way you create complex, detailed scenes. It optimizes memory usage, resulting in smaller file sizes and faster loading times.

🚀 Features

📦 Efficient Memory Usage

MegaScatter massively reduces your game file size and reduces level loading times, making your game more efficient.

🎮 Runtime Scatter Options

It provides runtime scatter options and allows you to rescatter at any time, offering flexibility in scene creation.

📱 Device Adaptability

Use MegaScatter to adapt your scene complexity based on device, ensuring optimal performance across different platforms.

🔄 Multiple Scatter Scenarios

Have multiple scatter scenarios to quickly change your levels, ideal for creating dynamic environments like changing seasons.

🎨 Customization Options

With 6 different scatter layer options, textures for masking areas for scattering, and an option for simple proxy meshes for colliders, MegaScatter provides a wide range of customization options.

🚫 Object Avoidance

MegaScatter will avoid scattering on or near selected objects, ensuring logical placement of objects in your scene.

🔀 Variation Control

Gain full control over variations of color, size, and rotation on scatters. Add noise to your objects to vary your meshes and create more natural-looking scenes.

⛰️ Slope Limits & Alignment

Set slope limits to stop scattering on steep slopes and automatically align scattered objects with what’s under them for realistic placement.

🧩 Includes MegaShapes Lite

MegaScatter includes MegaShapes Lite, our Bezier spline system. Import splines from Maya, Max or Blender, or SVG, OSM or KML files. It also offers full spline to mesh options.

🔧 MegaScatter API

The MegaScatter API allows easy control from scripts, making it a versatile tool for game developers.


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