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Low Poly Shooter Packs – Free Download

by waqas


🎮 Overview

If you’re looking for a Unity shooter template to build games with, learn from, or simply create a prototype with, this is the asset for you. It includes 18 unique and fully customizable weapons with animated arms, grenades, explosion VFX, gun attachments, character models, and much more.

🔥 Highlights

  • Includes two variants of the character model: a set of arms to be viewed up-close in first-person view, as well as a full-body character to be viewed from a third-person perspective.

🏃 Character Animations

Each weapon comes with its own set of unique animations, such as reloading, inspecting, and shooting. Both first- and third-person variants are included in most animations.

Animations Included:

  • Reloading
  • Reloading Empty
  • Shooting
  • Inspecting
  • Grenade Throw
  • Directional Walking
  • Running
  • And More!

🔫 18+ Weapon Models

All weapon models are exported as skinned meshes, which means that they are rigged and ready to use.


  • Assault Rifles
  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • Launchers
  • SMGs
  • Snipers

🎨 240+ Weapon Materials

Plenty of different materials to customize your favorite Weapons with.


  • Camos
  • Digital Camos
  • Carbon Fibers
  • Patterns
  • Gradients
  • And more!

👕 170+ Character Materials

Create unique looks for your Characters with a variety of Materials to choose from.

📊 UI Icons & HUD

A whole assortment of icons are available for all the Weapons and Attachments in the asset.


  • Guns
  • Attachment
  • Projectile
  • Hand Grenade
  • Crosshairs
  • And more!


Lots of explosions, muzzle flashes, and other cool effects to play around with!


  • Explosions
  • Flames
  • Muzzle Flashes
  • Bullet Trails
  • Smoke
  • Bullet Impacts

⚙️ Functionality

Simple Inventory

A system that allows for players to swap between the different weapons that they have on them.

Multiple Attachment Types

Weapons are set-up to allow for five different types of attachments: Muzzles, Lasers, Magazines, Grips and Scopes.



  • Explosive Barrels
  • Explosive Gas Tanks
  • Targets

Customizable Advanced Animation Setup

Animations are one of the asset’s main features, so what better to complement them than a great Animator Controller. Fully customizable animation setup. Modify animation play rates. Custom animation offsets.


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