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Low Poly Shooter Pack v4.3

by waqas


Download Low Poly Shooter Pack v4.0 Free Unity. 

If you’re looking for a Unity shooter template to build games with, to learn from, or simply to create a prototype with, this is the asset for you!

Free Sample / Forum Thread / Demo (Windows 64) / Discord Server / Roadmap

Note: A good understanding of C# will help you use the project in a more effective manner, but it is not a requirement.

It includes 18 unique and fully customizable weapons with animated arms, grenades, explosion VFX, gun attachments, character models, and much more.

But that’s not all you’re getting!

All the C# functionality that drives the gameplay in our demos and videos is included with the project.

We’re looking forward to seeing what cool things you can create with it!

?Visuals & Art

⚙️Blender Source Files Are Included

Create custom models or modify the existing ones using the included Blender source files!


Weapon Rigs
Weapon Models
Attachment Models

?First & Third Person Character Model

Includes two variants of the character model, a set of arms to be viewed up-close in first person view, as well as a full body character to be viewed from a third person perspective.

? Character Animations

Each weapon comes with its own set of unique animations, such as reloading, inspecting, and shooting.

Both first and third person variants are included for most animations.

Check out the full Animation List to see all of the included animations!

Animations Included

Reloading Empty
Grenade Throw
Directional Walking
And More!

⚔️18+ Weapon Models

All weapon models are exported as skinned meshes, which means that they are rigged and ready to use


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