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Low Poly Dead Trees pack

by waqas
Low Poly Dead Trees pack

This package contains a variety of different trees ready to use.

The pack has everything you need to create a stylized dead forest. Just drag and drop prefabs into your scene and achieve beautiful results in no time.

The following document provides a highly detailed description of the asset:


This asset combines well with the following packages, which is something to consider when buying our assets. We are here to help you build worlds.
Low Poly Palm Trees Pack

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Mesh complexities:

Tree_01 1427 verts; 2135 tris uv colors

Tree_02 1671 verts; 2566 tris uv colors


a 771 verts; 1149 tris uv colors

b 874 verts; 1302 tris uv colors

Tree_04 915 verts; 1366 tris uv colors

Tree_05 997 verts; 1483 tris uv

Includes 5 sets of textures with 4 materials:

● Diffuse

● Gloss

● Normal

● Specular

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