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KWS Water System Standard Rendering – Free Download

by waqas



Water System is a module-based component that allows you to simulate water surfaces such as ocean, sea, river, lake, pool, etc. Water System is designed for PC and console platforms and standard rendering.

🌟 Highlights

  • GPU wave simulation with multiple waterfalls (to avoid tiles)
  • Physical approximation of lighting (light and shadow volume, absorption, diffusion, caustic, sunwell)
  • Physical approximation of reflections using fast reflections projected onto screen space (many times faster than other SSR methods), plane reflections from the camera, and reflections from a cube board (probe)
  • Physical approximation of screen-space refraction with scattering (using an aqueous IOR)
  • Approximation of physical caustics to water depth and waves (with dispersion)
  • Underwater effect with partial immersion
  • Underwater solar trees and volumetric lighting with caustics
  • Coastal waves rendered with foam particles
  • Render rivers using river maps (integrated river map painter)
  • Smooth simulation for static objects (rivers) with foam rendering
  • River system with splines
  • Buoyancy
  • Dynamic Folds
  • Rain effect Support for
  • VR (PC target platform)
  • Various meshes: infinite mesh (ocean), finite box (pool), flow spline, custom mesh
  • Lod system with tessellation or quadtree rendering
  • Write to depth buffer (for correct end effects like “depth of field”)

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