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Java: Low Poly Islands – Free Download

by waqas

Island Resources Pack for Unity


An impressive collection of island-themed resources tailored for your Unity projects! This comprehensive pack encompasses tropical islands, volcanic landscapes, mountainous terrains, lush vegetation, quaint country houses, walkways, boats, particles, post-FX effects, and more. Perfect for prototyping mobile, LOD (Level of Detail), or stylized games, these modular sections seamlessly integrate into the Unity grid.


  • Diverse Prefabs: A total of 141 unique prefabs, offering a rich variety of assets.
  • Island Models with LOD: 38 island models featuring LOD for optimized performance.
  • Rock Selection: 30 rocks of various sizes to enhance terrain details.
  • Modular Boardwalks and Village Houses: Customize your island environment with modular elements.
  • Tropical Flora: Abundant tropical plants and trees to bring lushness to your scenes.
  • Props: Barrels, crates, ropes, and other props for added realism.
  • Animated Elements: Seagulls, animated water, and clouds for dynamic visuals.
  • Optimized LODs:
    • Islands: LOD 0 (22k–7k tris), LOD 1 (9k–2k tris), LOD 2 (2000–600 tris).
    • Boats: 916–1,238 tris.
    • Villages: 16–164 tris.
    • Props: 116–374 tris.
  • Demo Scenes: Six demo scenes and a showroom to facilitate exploration and integration into your projects.

This resource pack is a versatile solution for creating captivating island environments in Unity, whether you’re prototyping, designing for mobile platforms, or aiming for a stylized game.

Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.

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