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iTS – Intelligent Traffic System

by waqas


Intelligent Traffic System is a Traffic simulation system that uses true physics driven cars to simulate traffic around the player which gives a realistic feel of traffic simulation, also pedestrians can be simulated on the sidewalks and several other kind of vehicles. Give life to your scenes, either for games or real simulations!

Core code refactored!

Multithreaded AI code!

Fully Integrated for one click road network generation with:
• Easyroads V3.3alpha+
• CiDy 2

• Save tons of time, don’t need to code the traffic AI
• Start making your game directly, instead of coding it!
• You can create really complex road networks!
• Create any shape of lanes and number of lanes, i.e. downtown roads, highways all kind of roads can be simulated!

Features included in this version:

• AI detects each other and drive safely
• AI detects the player and brakes or overtake him(if there is lanes available to do so)
• Multithreaded for better performance!
• Breaking if other car is in front
• Traffic cars use turn ligh signal
• Editor tools included to make your road networks workflow easy
• Traffic lights support and Editor tools for easier sync and grouping
• Save and load of all the road data, to easy export and import from different projects
• 150+ cars on scene for pc based platforms



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