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iTS – Intelligent Traffic System

by waqas


Features included in this version:

• AI detects each other and drive safely
• AI detects the player and brakes or overtake him(if there is lanes available to do so)
• Multithreaded for better performance!
• Breaking if other car is in front
• Traffic cars use turn ligh signal
• Editor tools included to make your road networks workflow easy
• Traffic lights support and Editor tools for easier sync and grouping
• Save and load of all the road data, to easy export and import from different projects
• 150+ cars on scene for pc based platforms

Officially Tested on:

| Mac | iOS | Windows | Windows Phone | Web Player | WebGL | Linux | Android |



Check out the details & buy license from the Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/animation/realistic-eye-movements-29168

Now download iTS – Intelligent Traffic System FREE Unity


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