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Ignis – Interactive Fire – URP/HDRP – Free Download

by waqas



Ignis allows you to play with fire in a virtual environment. Convert any object, vegetation, or skinned mesh into a flammable object. Ignite, spread, extinguish, or let your flames burn out naturally. Ignis offers a suite of customization options to make your objects burn exactly the way you want.

Key Features

  • Easy Setup: Convert any object into a flammable one with just a click from the object menu.
  • Custom Flames: Customize color, length, burn time, liveliness, smoke, and more.
  • Versatility: Supports solid 3D-objects, vegetation and animated objects with bones!
  • Customization/Automation: Use automatic setup for your flammable object or customize it to your needs. Options include global illumination, SFX, flammable areas, and re-ignition.
  • Fire VFX Styles: Choose from 8 different styles of flame for your game. You can also customize and create your own flame with the Visual Effects Graph.
  • Interaction with Fire: Use your own particles or raycast to ignite or extinguish the fire. Fire will also automatically interact with the wind.
  • Custom Triggers and Event Callbacks: Explode a barrel after burning it for 5 seconds, destroy structures, or damage a player.
  • Great Performance: Ignis uses Unity’s VFX graph to simulate particles on GPU lightning fast!
  • Sample Scenes: Sample scenes for URP/HDRP/Standard RP are included!
  • Open Code/Graphs: All the code is done with C#, and graphs are made with Unity’s graph editor, so you can customize them exactly to your needs.

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