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Hospital – modular building, props and characters Mixall

by waqas



Mixall studio presents a good solution for your games, VR projects and simulators: Clinic – Hospital room.

Hospital – modular building, props and characters includes a furniture, interior items that will help you save time on implementing your ideas. Fully finished room, as well as with all the necessary medical equipment and furniture. Models windows and door you can open. Also pack includes doctors and patient characters (Character setup to work with Mecanim (no animations)).

★ Key Features ★

  • detailed medical equipment
  • doctors and patients characters with rig
  • 12 unique poses for characters
  • modular high quality building with interior
  • game ready demo scene

★ Assets ★

Modular Building.

Furniture: Office chair, Office table, Cupboard, Cabinet, Rack, Reception, 3 Sofas, 5 Tables, 2 Armchairs, Bed, Bench, Stool.

Medical equipment: 3 Clinic tables, Hospital Table, Med Table, Clinic cupboard, Surgical table, Anesthesia, Dentist chair, Dropper, 2 Drop counters, Medical Bed, Recirculator, Sit wheelchair, Operating lamp, Transfusion, Truck, Tweezers, Dental machine, Drill, Dental stand, Dental chair, Knife, Laboratory chair, Scissors, Tomograph, X-ray.

Technique: Air conditioning, Battery, Cashbox, Kettle, Keyboard, 5 Lamp, Clock, Microwave, Monitor, PC, Phone, Printer, Security cam, TV, Notebook,

Other: Extinguisher, Basket, Flowers, Plant, Poster, Sink, Soap dish, Toilet, Toilet brush, Paper, Trash, Chancellery, Tray, Urinal, Vase, Ventilation, Wardrobe, Water, Corpse, Bottle, Boxes, Exit, Napkin, Rag.


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