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Hexa Puzzle Game Kit!

by waqas


Hexa Puzzle Game Kit  is a classic puzzle game of all time. This game template will help you create your own fun hex puzzle-style game. This game template is fully dynamic and easy to modify to your requirements. Non Programmer can also modify and configure this game template.

Apart from the great Hexa puzzle game template, this template is also a great learning tool to understand basic unity programming skills like using Unity UI tools, Using assets like Ad Monetization, IAP Setup, Developing editor tools, Programming a game structure, creating tween tools, dynamic UI update practices and c# programming, etc. So grab this asset now!


Features :
✔ 4 Different game modes.
✔ Supports localization with more than 10 pre-added languages.
✔ More than 7 Game themes were added. Add as many as you want. 
✔ Fast and responsive UI.
✔ Unity IAP Support.
✔ Unity Ads, Admob, IronSource, and AppLovin Max Ad SDK Supported.
✔ Support setup included for any other ad network configuration.
✔ Daily Rewards Integrated.
✔ Fully dynamic and commented code.
✔ Documentation included everything.
✔ Easy to set up, modify and configure.
✔ Ads, IAP, Theme, Languages can be configured from the editor.
✔ Haptic Feedback and Vibrations.
✔ Sounds and Background music included.
✔ Supports Google, iOS, Amazon, Samsung, Windows Stores.
✔ In-built rate system and iOS store review supported.

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Support :
✔ 24X7 Support available.
✔ Publishing and customization service available*.

Feel free to contact us anytime for any bug, query, feedback, suggestion or feature request. We assure you of the best assistance and support.

Special Mention :
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