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Garage Environment Pack – Low Poly – Free Download

by waqas


Stylized Garage


Tons of high-quality stylized assets are ready to use for your stylized game! The package consists of various assets to build grand and impressive garage scenes.


  • Garage interior & exterior scene assets with tons of usable props across various genres
  • Color customization with texture atlases
  • Suitable for first-person, third-person, or top-down games
  • Characters and Vehicles with fully customizable materials



  • Female Customer
  • Male Mechanic


  • Economy Class Car
  • Tow Truck
  • Pickup Truck

Garage Assets

  • Garage Exterior Building
  • Vehicle Lift
  • Tools
  • Lights and Metal Rods
  • Tanks, Containers, and Boxes
  • Pipes and Ventilation
  • Toolboxes and Paint buckets
  • Tables, Seats, and Ladders
  • Walls, Windows, Doors, and Garage Entries


Various Garage Related Props

A demo for a sample garage is included.


All assets are created in a low poly art style. Tris range from 20 all the way up to 2000 for large detailed assets.



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