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Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 04 – Island – Unity Asset

by waqas


Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 04 – Island


Elevate your virtual environment with our meticulously crafted Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 04 – Island. This collection includes a range of terrain stamps used by the Gaia stamping system to stamp features to your Unity terrains. The island pack is a collection of 10 stamps of various types of islands. From sand bar type islands in shallow water to mountainous islands in deeper waters, this pack contains enough variety to add with the existing Gaia island stamps to fill your island hopping needs!


  • Modular walls, ceilings,floor, columns, stairs, podiums, strip poles, parapets
  • Scene1: Game ready level (BakedGI, Occlusion culling)
  • Scene2: Set of various rooms
  • PBR materials
  • 700+ prefabs
  • Free upgrade to HDRP/URP version Night Club (SRP)

Diverse Island Types

From serene sand bar islands nestled in shallow waters to towering mountainous islands surrounded by deeper seas, this pack is a versatile addition to the Gaia ecosystem. Whether you’re crafting tranquil getaways or treacherous adventure landscapes, these stamps provide the variety you need to bring your island concepts to life.

Expansion of Gaia Series

As the fourth volume in a series of stamp packs optimized for Gaia. This Island Terrain Stamps Pack upholds the standard of quality and versatility that Gaia users have come to expect. It seamlessly integrates with the existing Gaia island stamps, offering a wealth of options to fulfill your island-themed design needs.

Community Engagement

If you have specific island stamp ideas or suggestions for future packs, our community forum thread welcomes your input. Share your creative thoughts, and contribute to the evolution of Gaia’s stamping system, ensuring that it remains a robust and dynamic tool for terrain creation.

Amplifying Gaia Sampler Assets

The Island Terrain Stamps Pack complements the Gaia sampler assets included with the Gaia plugin. While Gaia’s built-in sampler assets showcase the potential of the system, this pack introduces a wider variety of models that you can incorporate to enhance control and creative expression within your terrains. Consider supporting the publishers behind these additional packs for a richer and more diverse set of modeling options.


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