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Football Game Engine – Free Download

by waqas



Football Game Engine (Indie) is an advanced implementation of a football game. This package is ideal for both educational purposes and making your own game.


  • Mechanim player animations: jog, sprint, short pass, long pass, punch ball, catch ball, etc.
  • Clean and highly commented code.
  • No reliance on any other third-party plugin.
  • State machines for the game AI.
  • CPU vs. Player: for CPU vs. CPU, there is no interface to select.
  • High-poly and low-poly player models.
  • Easily integratable with Control Freak.
  • Implementation of numerous football game rules: game-halves, corner-kick, counter-kick, goal-kick, throw-in.
  • Implementation of teams and their team kits.
  • Implementation of players with different levels of attributes.
  • Implementation of numerous game difficulties.
  • Implementation of different team tactics for attack and defense.

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