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Fantasy Island – BUILT-IN – Game Ready Level

by waqas


This pack contains a ready to play island based on the SYNTY Fantasy Kingdom Pack for Builtin.

You can use this scene as regular game level, for rapid prototyping game ideas, or for inspiration and learning for your own projects.

Save time

While our tools enable you to make a scene yourself quickly, nothing beats a complete scene out-of-the box! You could be running in your target environment immediately after installing this pack.

Optimized for best performance

These Game Ready Levels have been optimized carefully for the assets used and the scope of the scene. The scene was optimized with the following techniques:

Unity terrain as mesh terrain
Mesh combining
Layer-based culling
Light baking
Baked Occlusion culling
SRP specific optimizations (depending on the level).

Modify and learn

The pack comes with the original scene and the optimized scenes. You can modify the original and the follow our instructions on how to reapply these optimizations, so you can make changes to the scene and still benefit by the same performance improvements. The mesh combining optimization requires additional tools which are sold separatedly.

Pipeline specific versions

You are currently looking at the Built-In render pipeline version of the package. The scene is available separatedly for each render pipeline so you can get an optimized result depending on the pipeline you are using. Please find the other versions of the scene here:

URP Version

HDRP Version


This pack depends on a number of other assets. Please check the dependency list before purchasing.

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