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Easy Mesh Combiner MT – Scene Mesh Merge, Atlasing Support & More

by waqas

Easy Mesh Combiner is a tool that combines multiple meshes of your scene into just one mesh. This greatly reduces the Batches of your scene bringing great performance gains!

Render pipeline compatibility


Easy Mesh Combiner allows you to combine the meshes of your scenes in a very easy and intuitive way, all through your Unity Editor (or in Runtime) without the need for third-party programs for example.

EMC can also generate Atlas from your meshes textures and can even generate combined meshes without distortion or quality reduction in textures.

With EMC you can also undo merges that have already been made, edit your scene, and then combine it all again without problems!

Need to combine Skinned Meshes too?

Skinned Mesh Combiner MT

Need to generate LODs/Simplified versions of your meshes?

Ultimate LOD System MT

Or get all these 3 tools, at a discount, in one Bundle!

Mesh Merger and LOD MT Bundle

Some Features of This Tool

● All components (Colliders, Audio Source, etc.) of your original GameObjects are kept intact even after merging.

● Merge meshes at Runtime and Editor.

● Easily undo merges made in Editor/Runtime.

● It has a completely non-destructive workflow.

● Fully compatible with HDRP, URP and Built-in RP.

● It can generate combined meshes with 64,000 vertices or more.

● It can reduce the Batches of your scene by up to 97%.

● You can combine the textures of your meshes too, generating an Atlas.

● Fully supports Tiled Textures (on Materials, Meshes, UV, etc.) and negative UV values.

● Supports all types of Materials, Shaders, UVs and Meshes.

● Supports multi-material meshes (meshes that use more than 1 material).

● It fully supports material maps (Normal Maps, Height Maps, etc.).

● The files generated by the merge can be saved in your project.

● Supports Prefab creation.

● Easily select which meshes you want to combine. You don’t need to modify your scene!

● Great documentation.

● You can manage meshes that have already been combined.

● The material used by the mesh resulting from the merge is defined by you.

● You can export the mesh resulting from the merge as an OBJ file.

● It is also possible to export generated Atlas.

● There is a very complete and intuitive C# API for mesh merging in Runtime.

● And more…


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