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Dynamic Water Physics – Free Download

by waqas


💦 Overview

Dynamic Water Physics 2 is a water physics simulation tool that uses mesh data to simulate buoyancy and hydrodynamics above and below water. It is suitable for all shapes and sizes of objects.

📊 Highlights

  • Quick and easy installation: Manually or with a one-click wizard.
  • Simulate any object of any shape or size, as long as it has a mesh.
  • Extremely well optimized: Average CPU time of 0.2 ms per object in the demoscene, totaling 1.2 ms for 70 objects. (Rippled Water’s ability depends on the level resource used.)
  • Multiplayer support (Mirror and PUN2).
  • Water objects are rigid bodies that interact with water only through the use of forces. No translation or rotation was applied.
  • It uses a built-in algorithm to generate a simplified simulation mesh, which means multi-layer models can be used without impacting performance.
  • Suitable for desktop and laptop computers.
  • It works with any positive object scale.
  • Works underwater.
  • Water effects work with any still water and are automatically generated based on simulation data.
  • Includes C# source code, manual, and everything you see in the demo.

⛵ Controller Of The Ship

  • A ship controller that can be used with water objects to build drivable boats and ships.
  • Additional script for submarines.
  • Multiple sound engines, installed and external.
  • Bow and stern thrusters.
  • Many oars.

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