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Dungeon Breaker Starter Kit

by waqas


Download Dungeon Breaker Starter Kit FREE Unity

Dungeon Breaker Starter Kit 3.0

The Action Multiplayer RPG Starter Project. accessible on independent and mobile devices.

this undertaking will assist you with making your own multiplayer RPG in a couple of steps.



includes with numerous highlights and a few ongoing interaction styles, for example, Third Person Action RPG, Top-down RPG hack and cut, Adventure Co-operation

You can mess with companions fabricate your saints, make your story, and make the most of your own Multiplayer RPG.

Significant: There are numerous adjustments right now. Please reinforcement your task before the update.

– Add Multiplayer Co-Op Online/Lan

– Add New Mini Map

– Add New GUI Skin

– Add New Level

– Cleaned masses stuff and Make it look better

– Bug Fixes


– Multiplayer Co-Op Online/Lan

– Multi-Game Styled (TopDown and Third Person)

– Mecanim Support

– Character Creator System



Note: The files are for learning purpose or to test before buying. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL.



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