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Dungeon Audio Kit – Medieval Fantasy (Music+Ambience+FX)

by waqas


Dungeon Audio Kit is a handy solution for any kind of dungeon based games or apps. It contains 168 high quality files: music loops, ambient loops and various most needed SFX, in MP3 format ready to use.
Warning: Every sound has been properly ARRANGED WITH REVERBERATIONS AND ECHOES to simulate the sound inside different underground locations. If you prefer a “raw” fantasy audio work, you may better choose: Medieval Fantasy Audio Bundle or Medieval Fantasy 2 AB.

Sound demos at SoundcloudFull MixMusicAmbience

Whether if you are creating an RPG with enemies in dark caverns, or an action pixel art dungeon crawler, this kit will help you to cover its audio development quickly and efficiently.

6 original high quality music loops that will suit perfectly for dungeon games. You will find music for typical situations, like battles or quests.
7 original high quality ambience loops, that will provide your games with more depth.
155 original SFX files with different versions of each one in most of cases. Sounds effects for weapons, enemies, steps, voices, chests, treasures, generic feedback events and much more.



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