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Dolphins – Free Download

by waqas


🐬 Dolphin Asset Overview 🌊

This asset is perfect for creating underwater scenes with dolphins. It’s very simple to use; just drag the prefab to the stage. The commented inspector editor will assist you in achieving the desired result.

🎨 Features 🖌️

  • Drag & Drop Fish School: Easily create a school of dolphins.
  • Roaming Area Gizmos: Gizmos that show the roaming area of the dolphins.
  • Simple UV Map: Easy to change texture for customization.
  • Customization: Easily customize the amount, size, and speed of the dolphins.
  • Animated Model: 640 tris animated model included.
  • High Resolution Texture: 2048x2048px texture/normal resolution.
  • Custom Models: Easy to add custom models.
  • Extras: Includes Bubbles and Demo Scene for a complete underwater experience.
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Dolphins intelligently avoid obstacles.
  • Distance Disable Script: Optimizes performance by disabling dolphins at a certain distance.
  • C# Scripts: All scripts are written in C# for performance and compatibility.
  • Custom Rim Lit Shaders: Custom shaders for a unique look.



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