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Developer extra menu that AAA studios use in their game engines is now available on Unity!

DevTool is a powerful system that allows you to configure and debug your project in the runtime build or editor mode!

DevTool procedurally display all the fields, parameters and properties of all systems including internal engine systems on the screen and allow you to edit all of them!

You no longer need to recompile the project hundreds of times to change this or that value to achieve a better result! The main difference from the in-game console is that the DevTool is cross-platform and intuitive easy to use! DevTool displays everything in a convenient format for editing, you can use the joystick, touch screen, mouse, keyboard and etc!

DevTool was developed with the core goals of flexibility, extensibility and control. This allows you to make any of your design goals or experiment with new ideas.

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✨ Intuitive Developer Extra Menu

✨ Menu Creation is Procedural

✨ Powerful API

✨ Statistics Display

✨ Support Drawing Fields, Methods and Properties

✨ Support to Edit All Default Types

✨ Extensive Documentation and Videos


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