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Develop 5 Super Mario Games to Learn Unity and C#

by waqas

Make Dances, Dance! Super Mario Bros., Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Bros., Mario Mix, and a Google Cardboard VR game!

What you’ll learn

Develop 5 Super Mario Games to Learn Unity and C#

  • Use C# to create five Super Mario games in Unity.
  • Make a mobile Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix game.
  • Construct a Super Mario VR experience using Google Cardboard.
  • Make a 2D Super Mario Bros. game for the computer and the internet.
  • They created an Android and iOS version of Super Mario Baseball.
  • to create a Jetpack Joyride Super Mario Sunshine adaptation.
  • Learn how to use C# in Unity to create Artificial Intelligence (AI) adversaries.
  • Power-up effects with intriguing names like Mega Mario, Fire Mario, Metal Mario, and Mini Mario should be created.
  • Learn how to program activities that depend on physics, such as swimming and swinging on a rope.
  • It is packed with advanced C# code approaches to boost your development skills.
  • Utilize GitHub to practice conventional version control procedures.
  • 17 hours and more of material.


  • Machine running Linux, Windows, or Mac.
  • Unity and the basics of C #.
  • Google Cardboard is optional for the VR section.


In this lesson, we’ll create five Super Mario video games using Unity and C#:

  • Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Golden Mario Bros. (Jetpack Joyride style).
  • In Super Mario World, baseball is
  • Nintendo Virtual Reality (For Google Cardboard)

In Super Mario World, baseball is

  • 3D game creation.
  • Mario’s athletic game
  • The hitter is now Waluigi. The pitcher is Kritter.
  • To strike the ball, tap the screen.
  • iOS and Android

“Super Mario VR”

  • The creation of 3D virtual reality games
  • Cardboard SDK for Unity by Google
  • Using gaze tracking, the main menu
  • 3 tiers

And Other Games…

By the conclusion of this course, you will have created five Super Mario games in Unity using C# and have a thorough understanding of the Unity game engine, which you can use to create games and other material of a professional caliber for your portfolio. Become a master of Unity game creation. Are you ready? If so, then, to quote our favorite red-suited plumber, “Here we go!”

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to create five fantastic Super Mario games using C# in Unity?
  • Anyone who wants to grasp the Unity Game Engine will discover
  • Aspiring game developers that wish to create games of industry-standard quality for their portfolio
  • Video game enthusiasts who want to learn how to make Super Mario Games

Develop 5 Super Mario Games to Learn Unity and C#

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