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Dark – Complete Horror UI

by waqas


Create a spooky main menu for your game!

• UI Manager

Instead of changing things one by one, you change the whole look of your UI within seconds – all using the UI Manager!

• Fully Customizable

You can tweak everything using the inspector, no need to deal with code or external tools.

• Demo Scenes

Includes fully featured demo scenes to get you started quickly.

• Smooth Transitions

Comes with a set of smooth animations and grunge transitions that can be fully edited within Unity.

• Wide Platform Support

Supports all available rendering pipelines (Built-in, URP, HDRP) and major platforms such as Windows, macOS, Xbox, iOS and Android.

• Native UI Support

Dark UI is made using the native Unity UI, so you can continue to work as you’re used to and even use third party UGUI extensions with it.


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