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Customizable Soldiers Pack incl. Weapons

by waqas


Update Version 1.2 Add two levels of details for the Soldier and weapons.
Complete Soldier LOD1: 4500 Polys
Complete Soldier LOD2: 1598 Polys
Pistol LOD1: 1131 Polys
Pistol LOD2: 636 Polys
Rifle LOD1: 1385 Polys
Rifle LOD2: 830 Polys

Update Version 1.1 New Skeleton for better compatibility with mecanim. 12 new Animations. One new Pistol Model with new textures

Compatible With Mecanim
More than 16 different Themes Soldiers for your game, Included 2 Weapons.
You can customize the characters and weapons changing textures, parts and 8 different realistic heads.
Many differents types of Soldiers like:
North Soldier
Etc, etc…

Fully Rigged Character
Soldier: 4900 Polys
Assault Rifle: 2000 Polys
Pistol: 2070 Polys
Animations: 30
Soldier Textures: 2048×2048 (Color, Normal and Specular)
Weapon textures: 2048×2048 (Normal, Specular and Rifle 5 Different Colors)



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