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Create a Flappy Bird game on Android for Beginners/Unity& C#

by waqas

Learning to create and Develop a 2D flappy bird Game on Android Using Unity and C#.

What you’ll learn

Create a Flappy Bird game on Android for Beginners/Unity& C#

  • Create a simple game in unity
  • Learn basic c# coding
  • Learn the basics of the unity game engine
  • Starting strong in the game development field
  • Make a simple mobile game
  • Learn basic game logic
  • Add Points to reward the player
  • Create animations
  • Create basic physics for your characters


  • No past programming experience needed
  • no prior game development experience needed
  • Have a working PC/MAC


This course is designed to ensure that you learn the fundamentals of Unity mobile Game development specifically we’ll be making a flappy bird android game.

Things you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Basic Unity Animation and when to tell our game to start animating
  2. Understanding how physics and Rigidbodies work in Unity
  3. Understanding how variables and functions work in C#
  4. Adding a basic score system
  5. learning how to add buttons and making a full main menu
  6. putting a timer and then Spawning in items when the timer finishes
  7. and finally building and exporting your game to android

as well as you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of how things work in unity and understanding how to make a simple game like what we’ll be making in this course a flappy bird game which is yes really simple… but you learn a lot from it as a beginner in game making.

Who this course is for:

  • this course is for someone who just started using unity and doesn’t know much but would like to have a deeper knowledge of what unity is how to use it to the full extent and learn the C# programming language and basic coding concepts
  • This course is NOT for how is advanced in unity it will only waste your time

Who this course is for:

  • For beginners wanting to learn basic unity and C# essentials
  • For game developers who want to expand their knowledge on a couple of stuff like particles/SFX/music/collectibles etc…
  • For People who have never coded in their life
  • for people who have never made a game in their life
  • for beginners

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