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Complete Vehicle Pack V2 (Latest) – Free Download

by waqas


Vehicle Package: An Overview

This package offers a diverse collection of 36 different vehicles, ranging from ordinary town cars to trucks and helicopters. It’s suitable for various game genres such as racing or delivery simulators or top-down games.

Package Contents

The package includes a variety of prefabs and components:

  • 43 Prefabs: A collection of ready-to-use game objects.
  • 36 Vehicles: A wide range of vehicles to suit different game scenarios.
  • 2 Crates & Attachable Trunk: Add more realism to your game with these interactive elements.
  • 4 Extra Wheels: Allows for easy customization of vehicles.

Performance and Customization

All models share the same material and texture, a 4096 x 4096 atlas, for optimum performance on mobile devices. The polygon count for each model is around the 1,000 mark, and each vehicle has separate wheel meshes. All the models have a custom mesh collider, enhancing the realism of interactions in the game.



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